“ matching sun-kissed folk to a relaxed full band groove” - Clash

Alex Lleo's recent EP ‘Morning Heights’ is drenched in earthy tones and reverberant moments, each track giving you the space to think, reflect and reconnect with Alex’s heavy, hazy vocal at the forefront. Recorded in Brooklyn New York, alongside producer Sahil Ansari, this body of work encapsulates the raw, live, electric energy of musicians in one room.

‘Calibrate’ is the focus track of the EP; a song about self acceptance, which is heavily reflected in the sonic landscape of the track with each instrument and part exuberating a release of tension built up over time.

On Calibrate, Alex tells us “ It’s a song rooted in self acceptance for me. Being able to forgive yourself can be one of the hardest inner battles sometimes, particularly when it comes to relationships. Some people look for a higher power, others find it in the breeze. This song was inspired by the journey of that inner forgiveness, and the opportunities life has waiting for you once you make that peace with the past, and begin a new journey into the unknown. “

Previous single releases from this EP include ‘4:05’ ‘Easy Way’ and ‘Starve’ which won acclaim from Clash Magazine, Atwood, Radio X and most recent releases ‘White Water’ and ‘The Old Walk’ were featured with Dead Good, BTR Today, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. This EP was also celebrated with a 10” Lathe Cut Record released with Babywoman Records.

On the EP, Alex says: “I’ve never felt more like an artist, than when I was in Brooklyn. I’d never been anywhere that made me feel like I could do anything, and not be judged at the same time. I felt like I could reinvent myself a hundred times over If I wanted too. I wanted that feeling of ultimate freedom and self expression across this song and entire EP.” Prior to 2022, Alex extensively toured the UK, alongside the likes of Matt Corby, Leif Vollebekk and William McCarthy (The Augustines). Festival appearances included Boardmasters and Glastonbury before headlining St Pancras Old Church for Communion and releasing two live tracks with Mahogany.

“Alex Lleo is the kind of fresh inspiration we need right now — to rekindle our own sparks and look forward to more tomorrows.” - Atwood Magazine