Rock & Punk Originals from Swindon’s favourite Rebels

Swindon’s high energy Punk Rockers are about to hit the stage! Formed as a 3 piece in 2014, Rebel Station brought a varied mix of song subjects to the table. Some deadly serious, some might say prophetic, with songs about Putin and the return of nuclear threat, being mixed with upbeat, sing along numbers ranging from the drag of daily life to those pesky drivers who cut you up on the local roads of Swindon. Their latest album “Feed the Need” secured their place on the UK punk scene and brought with it a slew of support dates on tours with classic bands such as the UK Subs, The Members, Vice Squad, Discharge and heaviest of them all, Showaddywaddy (don’t ask!). Plus, several invitations to play Rebellion Festival, one of Europe’s biggest Punk festivals.

With the rise of Covid and the muting of live music, the band turned to writing material for the next album. It was decided that an additional guitarist would add more intensity to the already energetic melodies.  Tommi D (previously the growling vocals and bass player who shares song-writing and singing duties with joint founder and guitarist Monkey) Learnt 6 string over Lockdown and moved into the slot while Billy Beard (yes that is his name and yes he does have a beard) came on board to play bass guitar.

Drummer Emily Prankard, previously of riot girl punks “Fight Rosa Fight” will sadly be missed for this gig as she is coming to the end of a “maternity” break for her second child Zelda, who was born in March. The talented Rob Lennox will be standing in until her return in June.

However, the bands energetic and cheerful approach to playing music with attitude has not lessened over the last 2 years, in fact with the return of Live music after Lockdown it has only greatened, so moisten those vocal chords with another drink from the bar and prepare to sing along to Rebel Station’s catchy choruses and foot stomping beats.

“Feed The Need” and all of Rebel Station’s previous recordings are available on CD. Alternatively, search for them on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify, i-tunes, Google Play & Youtube.