Country influenced singer/songwriter

Becky Lawrence has been performing for the majority of her life: from having the lead role of Kim in the European Premiere of ‘Miss Saigon’ to singing the Manx National Anthem for the opening of the Island Commonwealth Games back on the Isle of Man where she called home.

Becky has always been drawn to words and poetry and eventually started to experiment with writing lyrics herself. It was then she started to listen even more to country music, focusing on the words of Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris & Reba McEntire. She discovered that this genre seemed to encompass more passion than any other music she has listened too and it was then her own lyrics seemed to just fit with this genre.
Since moving to the south-west of England, Becky started gigging with local bands and released her EP 'What It Takes'. Becky is currently co-writing with Wiltshire based songwriter Hugh Webber and releasing more music soon!