Bristol's dose of 90's influenced punk rock.

All it took was Green Days secret set at Reading 2012 for Jimmy, Ben and Sam to become best mates and start making music together. In 2018 Jimmy and Ben decided to drop out of University and drag Sam away from his 9-5 to start Trashed.

Trashed worked with Neil D. Kennedy, producer for Milk Teeth, Creeper and Boston Manor, to cultivate the sound for their arsenal of stripped back, catchy, 90s inspired punk rock songs filled with neck breaking riffs and throat shredding melodies.

Trashed’s sound is the sticky mess you get from boiling down years of being mesmerised by Kerrang! and Scuzz when bands like Green Day and Sum 41 were owning the show, with more personal influences like vegetarianism, dealing with anxiety and desperately trying at all costs to avoid a 9-5 job.