Please Enjoy Alcohol Responsibly

Lechlade music festival comes around only once a year. Make the most of your time at this year’s festival by following alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware’s top tips on enjoying alcohol responsibly.


1.       Pace yourself

With so many award winning ales and ciders available at The Real Ale & Cider Bar, you may find it hard to know where to start. But if you plan to make a day of it, starting slowly is essential.

Drinking 1/2 pints is a great way of keeping the volume down, while allowing you to try different beers. Also, bear in mind that some of the beers and ciders on sale are much stronger than others.

 2.       Stay hydrated

Particularly important if it’s a warm day, drinking water or a soft drink between alcoholic ones will help avoid dehydration, meaning you’re less likely to feel hung over the next day. And if you’re planning to taste a few of the locally-sourced ales available, drinking water between each beer will help you taste them properly.

 3.       Don’t forget to eat!

Food slows down the rate your body absorbs alcohol and reduces its effects, so drinking alcohol and skipping meals isn’t a good idea. Whether it’s an appointment with the Pieminister or a saunter to The Real Meat Sausage Company, make sure you’re not drinking on an empty stomach!

4.       There’s no excuse for drink driving.

As even a small amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive, the only safe advice is to stick to soft drinks if you’re driving.

For more alcohol facts, visit the Drinkaware website.