Who are the Solo Armada?

You may or may not have heard about us, you may or may not have already joined our ranks.

What started out as a random meeting of solo gig-goers has developed into a huge community of like minded music lovers and gig goers that supports up and coming artists, venues and fans alike. And most importantly the Solo Armada creates an atmosphere to laugh, dance and sing! Over the years other strangers have met one another at gigs through the Solo Armada and gone on to form strong friendships, gig buddies and a social network to arrange meet ups.

The Solo Armada is NOT an exclusive group, if you want to be part of it then you are. You don’t need anyone’s permission, acceptance or consent. It can be something different to each individual and their needs. If you love music and spending time with like minded people then welcome to the Solo Armada.

Why the badges?

Everyone loves a badge, so we created a logo and had some made. The idea was that when you see someone wearing one of our badges you’re safe to go say hi, they are a friendly face in the crowd. Come find us at the festival wearing our badges proudly and come check out our stall to find out more. You can find us on the usual social media and have a website with band interviews, playlists, a gigs & gatherings page for you to send in which gigs you're going to and so much more.

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSoloArmada/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/solo_armada?lang=en

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/thesoloarmada/?hl=en

Website   http://www.soloarmada.com/