The Idle Silence

Paper Edge2
Formed in 2018, The Idle Silence is a band of indie/alt-rock/grunge lovers from across the county of Somerset. With both James Haldane & Phil Russell on vocals and guitar, Martyn Edwards on drums and Jay Parr on bass, the band are capable of both sweet vocal harmonies and shouted chants, nicely sculpted guitar lines and discordant noise – all on top of a pounding and supple rhythm section. Sometimes this full gamut of sound is run within a single three minute song.

Early Singles like Chew It Over and The Blame Game got the band’s collective foot in the door on the nascent music scene around the county, and even some radio play around the world.

With the run of gigs that followed, the band’s sound developed a harder edge which they sought to capture for themselves on the FROWN EP. Recorded through the pandemic and lockdown, and pieced together by the band’s own Phil,

this collection of songs became The Idle Silence’s first physical release, and includes live favourites like the title track and Lucky Me.

2022/23 saw the band heading to Unit43 studio in Bristol to capture their live sound on a series of recordings with Luke Bujniewicz of Birdman Cult and Holy Popes. The resulting tracks include James’ noise infused Dark Matter and Phil’s punkish Close. Keep an ear out for more from these sessions coming later this year.