Norts and Rosses

Something original, unique and different

Norts and Rosses are attending the festival for the first time. They design a big percentage of their range themselves and work with talented, Goan and Indian families who run small businesses bringing ideas and designs to life. The goods are hand made using local craftsmen and women, as helping local communities is of great importance to them. Nothing is mass produced and most of the items are unique – as in no 2 pieces are exactly the same. 

Since 2012 Norts and Rosses have spent half of the year in Goa with the other half spent in and around the Cotswolds.  From this year, they can be found trading at UK festivals selling their own original garments, bag designs for men and women along with various carefully selected accessories and a small range of vintage menswear. Check out their new range that has been created in Goa this winter.