Check out the beautiful body painting artists!   The artists will each create a unique design on a model at the festival - after painstaking hours of work, the models will be on show in the Bodypainting tent. They can also be seen early evening on Saturday and Sunday on the main stage.

We are very lucky to have these amazing artists also providing the face painting (charges apply) for our lovely festival goers.


Body Paint Artists & Face Painting


Meet Erica:

I’m Erica, owner of Kaleidoscope Faces and based in Lechlade.   I’ve been running my business since 2006 in N Wales and relocated to Lechlade last year.   I provide face painting, Body art, Balloon modelling and henna art for private parties and corporate events.

I also provide training courses for both private and corporate clients.  I’m an award-winning face and body artist and along with various other awards won Elite face painter of the year at Paintopia festival in 2012 and also Professors Apprentice body paint completion at the same event.  I’ve been featured on BBC world news site, BBC radio, Pick me up Magazine and The Daily Post.  I’ve also been featured in Skin Markz magazine and Illusion Mag an international face and body art publication.

I co-organise Bath Body Art Weekend, a family-friendly body painting festival held this year just outside Bath in June.

My website is www. 

Instagram @ericakaleidoscopefaces 

Twitter @kaleidoscopefa 




Meet Tracy:

I am a face painter and body painter from South West Devon. I started Face painting 6 years ago and became a body painter in 2017 winning the newcomer award with another painter at the Bath body art weekend festival.

I am part of the South Devon festival crew returning to Beautiful Days for my 3rd year this year. I am also volunteer for supershoes too which gives me a lot of pleasure. I love to see people smile especially because of the art I have created.

I can be contacted for booking via my personal or business pages on Facebook  








Meet Simon:

I'm Simon, currently residing in the beautiful South Wales Valleys. However - I am an interloper! Originally born and bred in West London I'm a city boy gone native. I am a photographer, artist, body artist, life sculptor, prop maker and general prosthetic maker.

I've been bodypainting since 2008, and 38 years of photography and traditional art before that. I love creating something from nothing and there's no better canvas than the human body.

Former Welsh Amateur Champion Body Artist. Winner Venlo Dutch Bodypaint Festival Winner Phizzog Phestival 2nd Place Painswick Art Couture Festival 2nd place SFX at Maskerade - Dutch International Festival I run workshops for props and prosthetics, as well as body painting. Now semi-retired and loving it!











Meet Emma:

Emma Painty Harvey - Leader of the South West Bodypaint Project and Leader of the North West Bodypaint Project.

With 5 years of Bodypainting and Prop making experience I aim to encourage budding artists and models to learn how to bodypaint safely and with respect for the model, artist, photographers and the audience. It can be incredibly empowering to be body painted and with our Project, models know they are safe and looked after at every step of the process from the first contact to receiving their images. I have always loved organising and have a passion for safety and inclusion. This makes our meets and group one of the very best available.  

 Leader of the Northwest Bodypaint Project - view on Facebook