Reggae, trance-blues and rock with political and environmental messages

Arcadia Roots hail from nearby Worcestershire.  The band’s vibe has been described as earthy and psychedelic with infectious grooves combining “swirling delay and reverbed guitar melodies grounded with a pounding rhythmic backbone." 

The band draws on inspiration from their homeland; an edgy rock and blues heritage from the old industrial towns and cities of the Midlands, as well as from individual travels across the globe to Asia, Africa and America. This has helped them create a fresh sound, combining many influences and making it really hard for them to answer the question "what genre are you?". 

The lyrical content of the music also reflects the band's extensive travels. Themes cover some current political and environmental concern’s (fracking, trophy hunting, and religious indoctrination) to time-honoured topics such as love, lust and the search for meaning.