Charlie Baxter's in da house!  

grownuplife represents a fresh start for UK musician / producer Charlie Baxter, who has been dropping beats and wreaking havoc in the alternative music scene for over 10 years.

Escaping the grind of playing in touring rock bands, grownuplife is about making something very separate, more personal, and more in-tune with the life of the worn-out millennials — electronic music for the generation who’d rather Netflix and chill than head out to the party.

Featuring futuristic blends of minimalist electronic beats and slick synthesiser sounds, Charlie's music is 'a clutter and gimmick free next step in the musical evolutionary chain, cultish yet with real commercial potential, slick enough for the movers and shakers, and still accessible enough for the mainstream punter' (Dancing about Architecture).

Charlie has released two EPs for this project, with a third on the way.  Many of our regular festival-goers will remember Charlie performing a few years ago at the festival - a guaranteed floor filler!

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