Bringing to life the poignant songs of Jake Thackray

Poignant, nostalgic and hilarious in turns, Jake Thackray’s songs deserve a renaissance. Jake was an outstanding singer-songwriter; Ron Middleton and Paul Kearns performing as Jake in the Box continue to celebrate the work of this unique and sadly missed troubadour.

In the 1980’s, Ron heard Mike Harding performing “On Again, On Again” at Stainsby Festival and sat with a grin all the way through. Recalling earlier Jake songs that he had heard on “That’s Life” and “Braden’s Beat”, he knew that Paul would be as taken with the guitar playing as he was with the lyrics and singing style.

They were soon both hooked on Jake’s brilliantly crafted songs and have performed a growing repertoire extensively across Derbyshire venues. They are starting to be recognised on the festival circuit (Maddy Priors Stepping Stones Festival) and are delighted to have the opportunity to perform Jake’s songs to new audiences further afield.

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