‘I was hearing essence of slipknot ‘Snuff’, Stone Sour, Perl Jam and a little Pink Floyd.' The Scene with Shelly McRobbie 

Four lads from Teesside making all the right noises and putting on a show you will not forget.  

‘People are comparing them to Pearl Jam.' Alan Savill

With riffs so slick they caress the ears, bass lines Flea would be proud of and the drum and rhythm keeping the hook well and truly lodged in your brain.  Equipped with deliciously catchy guitar riffs and anthemic lyrics that pack a punch as well as tug on your heartstrings.

They are the band that your music teacher warned you about, the band that your neighbours bang on the wall for, the band you want blasting on your car stereo.
Your ears have been waiting for this. Enjoy!

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