Raw delta blues guitar and tribal foot-stomping beats

Original roots music drawing on traditional blues and folk influences. Startlingly powerful vocals, raw delta blues styled guitar and an almost tribal foot-stomping beat combine to create a special atmosphere. Songs are distinctive and original relating to subjects such as slavery, losing one’s religion, death, cowboys and his father-in-law going to hell!

Hailing from Gloucestershire, Luke Philbrick has built up a strong local fan-base and always leaves audiences wanting more during his many travels throughout the UK. Performances often feature accompaniment in the form of the Black Diamond Express to Hell featuring Damon T on backing vocals and percussion. 

Recorded on a shoestring budget in the kitchen with friends and family adding accompaniment, debut album 'The Kitchen Sessions' is out now available at live shows, iTunes, Spotify or via download from http://lukephilbrick.bandcamp.com/releases

Saturday: Yuasa Stage - 8pm