Unique and unpredictable, intriguing song concepts

Jamie Felton is a 21 year old musician from Oxfordshire. Since picking up the guitar in 2006, Jamie’s burning desire to break into the music industry has fuelled considerable success so far in his career, having won numerous talent competitions and been invited to play at a host of venues.

Combining unique and unpredictable song concepts with carefully-articulated arrangements, Jamie’s works cover a range of genres - rock to pop, latino to comedy - his diverse writing style will intrigue a whole host of music fans. 

Felton’s energy and enthusiasm shines in a live show bursting with dynamic stage presence that will grab any audience’s attention. He can leave you amazed by originals, entertained by twisted covers or with a sore throat from timeless classics! He gives a real and honest performance, decorated with guitar and vocal virtuosity that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Sunday: Yuasa Stage