Firebrand wit, snippets of life & engrossing songwriting

In 2013, Lewis Fieldhouse’s unswerving dedication to his craft led him through California’s Central Valley on a journey to absorb the musical heritage of his heroes.  Like many things in life, it didn’t go to plan. Instead, he found himself exploring the topology of depression: feeling the sting of isolation in LA’s baking suburban sprawl.

Fieldhouse presents to us his firebrand wit with a troubadour’s knack for both lyrical sincerity and absurdity. Offering snippets of life and coupling humour with calculating insight, his debut album ‘Theodor Washington and the Central Valley’ displays an ear for irresistible pop songwriting.

Bob Harris crooned ’So good isn’t he’ on BBC Radio 2, while Clash and Rolling Stone have praised him for his ‘Engrossing’ songwriting style. Lewis’s expert take on Americana and American pop comes from humbled authenticity. That alone makes his record something special.