Singer Songwriter with dance/pop influences

Will Heggadon emerges from an onslaught of modern Singer/Songwriters as someone with clear vision, sound and scope.

Will began from humble beginnings, working on self produced e.p “The Dark” and regularly uploading covers to YouTube. Recognition began in formidable force however when combining his guitar and vocal talents on records with Dance/Pop producer bvd kult. The first being “Made Of Something”, which has been streamed over 1,400,000 times on Spotify and YouTube respectively. The pair also collaborated again on a reimagining of Will’s single “Island”

Off the back of these successes, Will’s own single, “Falling Up”, started to garner praise and attention, securing a place in the UK Viral 50 Chart. Will took his hand to writing something more risky after his follow up single “Island”, and released “Sinking In”. The song still oozed Will’s signature guitar phrasing and reverb, but showed off all he’d learnt from his dance/pop collaborations over the past 10 months.

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