Bradley Cowtan

Unique ukulele and powerful song-writing


Bradley Cowtan, 21, is a Wiltshire born singer songwriter who's ambition is to connect with as many people as possible through his music. Bradley talks about feelings of doubt and uncertainty with a touch of insecurity about himself that allows his audience to understand him on a personal level.

“Songwriting is like therapy to me, so being sad is okay as it can turn into beautiful things. If the product of my downfall can help someone else through theirs, the whole thing becomes worth it to me.” - Bradley Cowtan

Bradley started taking an interest in music during his early teens, playing lead guitar in his school band. When that ended after school had finished, the dream seemed very unrealistic, so Bradley proceeded to attempt at living a normal life. A few years later, Bradley was working a nine to five job and out of nowhere a lump was found in his neck and it became a cancer scare. Bradley was tested for the virus but luckily it was clear. This made him realise that life can be short and you should just do what ever makes you happy rather than being tired and unhappy five days a week for a pay cheque. Bradley then quit his job a month later and joined the Academy of Music & Sound in Swindon. He had no singing experience so he had to play the guitar and rap to get past the audition process in September 2015. Since then, Bradley has grown into an accomplished and unique artist.

‘This Ain’t Fair on Me’ is the latest release by ukulele bearing singer songwriter which is the most upbeat song on the new EP. The video, directed by Nathan Coles and co-produced by Bradley Cowtan, was a hit on Facebook, smashing 50,000 views within the first three days of release.


His latest EP ‘Catfish, Pt.2’ is named after the last song on the EP. This song ‘Catfish’ invents a character who puts on a fake personality for false motive, which is ultimately what a lot of both parts are about with the exception of ‘The Point’ from Pt. 2 and ‘Keep You Gladly’ from Catfish, Pt.1.