Polished, fierce and compelling

Existing casually above the noise, dauntless, unmistakable and mindful, Miller Blue emerges from the smoke and mirrors of contemporary music culture with a perspective so clear and a sound so gently hypnotic, it promises to entice.  Miller’s music proudly stands between a flux of genres; although fundamentally electronic, Miller notes the influence of RnB, hip/hop, and jazz within his sound, resulting in an overflow of soul.

Masterfully incorporating elements from each of his inspirations into a beautiful, electronic synthesis, Miller Blue has forged an undeniable and truly bewitching musical identity. 

Eclipsing, stirring and conscious, Miller’s music has already captivated ears and hearts across the country. Since the release of his magnetised debut EP, ‘Persistence’, last year, Miller has played a number of incredible shows across London, Leeds and Manchester including Live At Leeds and RADAR LONDON whilst also catching the attention of Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens.

In reflection of a turbulent and transformative year, Miller Blue is preparing to release his second EP ‘Cotton’ which promises to demonstrate courageous honesty and compassion. Through the production of each track, Miller finds a cathartic release allowing him to process emotions beyond his own experience. 


Polished, fierce and compelling, Miller Blue is set to achieve a greatness of his own design. Using his velvet-like voice to capture audiences wherever he should choose to venture, there is no match equal to Miller Blue’s resolution or talent.