Intense rock from Croatia, winners of the HGF Festival exchange

Tight Grips is a rock band from Croatia, Europe. This trio begun it's journey in summer of 2014. and in that year they had recorded their first demo album "Tight Grips". In the following year of 2015. they played shows in Croatia but in other countries of Europe as well in order to promote their name.

After the summer tour of 2015. Tight Grips started mixing their new material which was later realeased (01.01.2016.) as the new album "Storyline". The album started to receive great critical acclaim. In May 2016 the band won the Croatian music competition "HGF" and was titled as the best Croatian demo band in the season of 2015/2016.  This year the Lechlade Festival audience will select an unsigned UK band to play at the HGF festival in Croatia and be hosted by Tight Grips.

Tight Grips is currently promoting their CD "Storyline", playing highly intense shows.