'Like a juicy jam pasty that your granny used to make'

If you like your retro, metro, dubiously hetero, smacked up, jumped up, mulleted, cosseted, fashionista, too cool, new school, pretty, processed, hydrogenated, reconstituted, fat-free, colourless, odourless, flavourless, 'I can't believe it's not rock n roll' leftovers (may contain traces of hair, teeth and eyeballs), then get yourself to an unmentionable fast food outlet and carry on pretending that what you're eating even knows what a cow looks like, because you won't like this band.

But if you want to taste something straight from the ground - raw, fresh, filthy and still alive - then come closer ... - from rockabilly, punk & country via the blues with a pit stop at the rock 'n roll school, topped off nicely with catchy melodies and great lyrics - Like a juicy jam pasty that your granny used to make.