Theatrical vocals and cool keys, Nic draws you in with her captivating songs 

Nicola Hardman is a Liverpool based wandering minstrel of sorts, best known for her theatrical songwriting performed with voice and piano. “Little Fish” a composition of Hardman’s being very popular amongst her listeners is described by Liverpool Sound and Vision: “The key to the song resides in her ability to place an almost perfect, certainly enticing key that plays, wriggles, on the hook and dances with a solitary, tempting thought” 

After spending several months performing her songs in and around the UK, she collaborated with producer and guitarist Dan Barker to create her debut album “Full Beans” a 10 track LP described in the Buz Magazine as “No average run of the mill record.” Together with a live band;  the album was launched at Liverpool’s art and performance space 24 Kitchen Street in December 2015 followed by a short tour.

Hardman continues to perform as a solo act around the UK and is currently recording her new single "Just Human" one of Hardman's more political songs. “There is something about Nic that draws you in, captivating you, leaving you wanting to hear more” Buz Magazine Mar 2016, Full Beans Review.