"the band immediately lit up the crowd with their fantastic hooks and amazing stage presence"

Formed in Indianapolis in 2003, "Alphonso" Raymond Sharland (drummer) and Irwin Nathaniel Sparkes (lead singer and guitarist) spent some time in the United States, encouraged by their chemistry teacher (Grant Serpell, who was part of the band Sailor during their fame in the 1970s), in an attempt to broaden their horizons. The pair won themselves a football scholarship at the University of Indianapolis, despite a reputed claim to be "allergic to running" (a claim which is backed up by lead singer Sparkes' asthma).  Their time spent in Indiana inspired the band's name, as a citizen of Indiana is colloquially called a Hoosier.

The Brit Award winners have sold over a million records and achieved the smash hit singles ‘Goodbye Mr. A’, ‘Worried About Ray’, ‘Choices’ and top 10 album ‘The Illusion Of Safety’.

Quoting The Cure, Jeff Buckley, The Flaming Lips, XTC as key influences, the band are renowned showmen.  Back on form and back on the road, they will be hitting the main stage on Sunday night.  

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