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Belly Dancing 

Our festival faves are back! Come and learn the art of Belly dance in a fun workshop with Mirage. 

Carol Gibbon of Mirage has been bringing Belly Dance to the every day woman for 13 years as a way of helping people to gain confidence and build self esteem.  Belly Dance is a work out for body mind and soul.  Carol uses world music for her fusion style choreographies. Come and find your inner goddess in her workshops at the festival, open to all ages, children to be accompanied by an adult please.

There will be performances to watch performed by her two troupes Aurora and Syren where you will see different style of Belly Dance.

For further details contact Carol Gibbon on 07885 733 968 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  www.miragebellydance.co.uk

 Sat & Sun

Belly Dancing


Paper Aeroplane Competition

Not just for the kids but for grown ups too! You’ll have 30 minutes to design and make your own paper aeroplane. We’ll provide some instructions or you can get practising now with your own design!  There is a prize for the best design and for the plane that flies the furthest. Get folding!

The Jellybabies

The Jellybabies are the most delicious of bands, they perform only songs that have appeared in children's films. So you may get songs from Shrek's Karaoke party, Ghostbusters, or from The Minions films. DO NOT GET US WRONG we are not a kids' band, but what we are is a rock band that parents will love, and kids will know the songs.

There is nothing worse than being a parent at a festival and having to sit through many performances of the Wheels on the Bus, and puppet shows aimed at 3 year olds, as good as they are we all need more rock in our lives!  So we provide pure rock for everyone, and its a family friendly gig that everyone can enjoy.

Find out more about The Jellybabies



30 minutes of yoga fun with YogaSilva.  30 minutes of gentle stretching, strengthening and balancing by practicing some yoga postures.  A workshop for all fitness levels and ages (children to be accompanied by an adult) which gives a fun taste of yoga and maybe even a few minutes of tranquility during the action packed festival.

For more information please contact Silva This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 07899 845417



A fantastic opportunity to experience how Pilates improves strength and flexibility with attention to good form and technique.  This free 30 minutes workshop will introduce some basic Pilates exercises with some optional modifications.  Suitable for all ages and abilities - please let Fiona know if you have any injuries.

For more information please contact Fiona This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Storytelling with Chris Park 

Chris Park lives in a luxurious hedge on the Oxon/Wilts border with his irascible gypsy wife and a horde of bewitching children. Surrounded by beehives, cow pats and sweet organic fields, he keeps the life in himself and his loved ones through the perpetuation of fine folk tales. 

He is a purveyor of honeyed words, a seeker of the world's most ancient lies, truths and everything in between. You might call him a mellifluous fabulist, an erudite druid or a cunning linguist... put simply he's just a decent fella, and a darn good storyteller. 

Tales for young and old, the innocent and the experienced, tailored to your needs and requirements, garnished with delicious music, in a tipi, between tarot readings.




Stagecoach Faringdon

Crafts & more!


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