Mouthwatering menu options for the whole family….


Chuck Wagon Kitchen    

Chuck wagons were an essential part of westbound-settlers’ wagon trains and were also used to feed travelling workers such as cowboys and loggers. Chuck Wagon Kitchen are here with a new take on keeping hungry wanderers happy.  They are passionate about providing fresh and tasty good quality street food with the flavour of the old Wild West. Their specialities are American-style filled sub rolls, oven baked wedges and jacket potatoes served with a wide choice of hearty fillings. You folks are gonna have a real treat so mosey on down and see what’s cookin’.





Lowe Powe    

Our mission is to provide great food, fast. Using authentic ingredients we create a freshly cooked, tasty, nutritious meal based on noodles. The food is cooked in batches of 4-6 portions throughout the day ensuring that your noodles remain fresh and wholesome.

The menu is simple to allow us to provide the best. All meals start with wheat noodles and a selection of vegetables stir fried in a little sesame oil and flavoured with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, vegetarian stir-fry sauce and garlic. Served up in a traditional noodle pot with chopsticks, or a fork for the less adventurous. Add optional chicken or cashew nuts and then spice it up with your choice of Dark Soy, Hoi Sin, Sweet Chilli, Hot Chilli or Sweet & Sour sauces.

If you come to us at a busy time you'll see each wok full of freshly cooked noodles delivered and despatched before your eyes. If we're not busy and food isn't immediately served, we'll monitor it carefully and throw it away if we think it's past its best. If we slip up and you think our noodles have been around too long, please let us know and we'll cook a new batch for you.


Pizza of Dreams    

Pizza of Dreams, the home of Mobile, Artisan, Wood Fired Pizza.
Imagine the fresh dough being rolled out in front of you, your choice of quality ingredients being put on the Pizza. The smell of the wood fire in our traditional clay oven as your Pizza is bubbled and sizzled to perfection. And your amazement as just 90 seconds later, probably the freshest and best tasting Wood Fired Pizza you have ever had emerges from our vintage Pizza trailer to delight your tastebuds!
That is truly a Pizza of Dreams.






The Waffle Wagon  

The Waffle Wagon is our unique food stall run by us, a young couple who are passionate about puddings and adventure. The Waffle Wagon combines the things we love; waffles, festivals and VW-campervans. 

Our menu is full of mouth-watering sweet, freshly cooked waffles with a creative fusion of dessert inspired toppings. We have a Red Velvet cake inspired waffle; Cookies ‘n’ Cream for the Oreo fans; a waffle with chopped brownie and ice cream, smothered in our warm homemade salted caramel sauce; a waffle with an apple and cinnamon compote, crushed biscuit and cream cheese frosting is a treat inspired by a love of cinnamon buns and apple crumble and of course we have the classic Nutella covered. There is a Waffle for everyone and we offer our treats at fair price so they can be enjoyed by all.



Carmel's Ices 

Whether you're a fan of sorbet or you prefer your desserts to be creamy, our ice cream flavours will keep you happy!  Returning once again, Carmel's Ices also offers gluten free and dog-friendly ice cream!



Groovy Smoothies     

Groovy Smoothies owners Nat & Shep are still personally involved in everything from building the stall to chopping the fruit, which means we stick closely to the original Groovy Smoothies ethos of providing simple, no-nonsense, healthy refreshment in a fun and inviting environment - and we can still be found doing the midnight washing up shift! We believe in providing a fantastic quality product at a fair price have often been complimented on many aspects of our business from the efficiency of our systems and the friendliness of our staff!

Fresh fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, fruit and yogurt lassis, and breakfast smoothies with yogurt and muesli – all made fresh to order. We also offer fresh fruit salads, various healthy snacks such as flaxseed flapjacks and homemade protein energy balls, and a selection of hot drinks.



The Barista, Cricklade    

The Barista is a coffee and sandwich shop located on Cricklade High Street on the outskirts of the Cotswolds. Here at The Barista, we pride ourselves on serving consistently great coffee. 

We serve drinks from an old blue Italian three wheeler that has been converted in to a trailer. Our hot drinks are all made by a barista in front of the customer. We offer decaf products, non-dairy products and gluten free products. 



Pura Vida    

Pura Vida was born from a love of food, the outdoors and live music. After spending the early nineties living in Mexico, we returned to the UK with the perfect menu already designed – we just needed to find somewhere to cook it. Cue festivals! And we been doing it for 25 years and still love it!

Over the last twenty years we have tweaked and improved our fresh vegetarian menu to ensure it accommodates vegan, wheat free and low fat diets.

Bringing something extra to a festival field is at the centre of what we do – and always has been. We believe in improving not exploiting the environment and operate a minimum waste policy in everything we do. We also do not believe in the exploitation of people and adopt the “living wage” as our minimum wage. We encourage our team to take responsibility for themselves, their team and their work and are awarded accordingly. We are very proud of the fantastic people who work with us.


Fish & Chips and The Grill

George Rogers Catering

Traditional Fish and Chips: This is our speciality as we are extremely proud to say we hand batter all our fish and only use sustainable Cod or Haddock depending on the season. We never use the cheaper options or the ready battered fish. Within the unit we offer a full menu including: Fish and Chips, Whole Tail Scampi, 100% Chicken Fillet Bites and Lincolnshire Fishcakes. Along with a selection of dips including favourites such as curry sauce and mushy peas, beans and gravy, we really do offer a chippy on wheels!


The Grill: This unit offers a selection of Burgers & Sausages! Beef burgers are supplied Fresh from Ruby and Whites in Bristol, Welsh Lamb and Mint Burgers from Newport. Venison Burgers from the Withington Estate and Southern Fried Chicken Burgers. Locally sourced classic old English sausages through to Spicy hickory smoked. All accompanied with Rocket and Tomato or caramelised red onions.








* Information subject to alteration without notice 

** Please note:  Alcohol and glass  MAY NOT be brought onto the festival site. **

Food & Drink may be brought into the campsites but NOT into the arena.  We work very hard to provide a selection of catering options at reasonable prices.  Vendors and traders form a vital part of the income which enables the festival to happen and we ask that you support these small businesses and the festival by enjoying the selection on offer.  Food may only be brought into the arena for very small children and specific dietary requirements.