GENRES:  All Styles of House Music

Flavius started to DJ in the 1980’s and was a resident at bars and clubs in and around Essex.  When the ACID House movement arrived he arranged illegal raves on farms and warehouses in and around the M25.  He did a season in Mallorca in 1988 and then dropped off the radar.

He resurfaced in 2011 on Shoreditch Radio doing a History of House anthology and then joined the EDM band Hellsinki-V in 2013.  Hellsinki-V have since headlined the Lechlade Festival main stage in 2016 and run a prime time radio show every Saturday from 22:00 until midnight.   They have closed the Albury music festival the last 4 years to rapturous applause.   

The second album from Hellsinki-V is due for release this summer.