Buster Bennett is a well-known figure in the London DJ and clubbing scene. He started promoting his own art-raves at the turn of the millennium and has been quoted as 'one step ahead of the world' by New York Times Magazine.

His parties including “Antisocial” + “Nuke Them All” also basked in great press attention.  iD Magazine calling his “Shabba Dabba Da” nights the 'coolest club in the world.' 

Buster is the founder and owner of London Sound Academy and DJ Gym Birmingham, two fast-growing Electronic Music Schools. He's taught many A-list celebrities how to DJ and Produce including Brit nominated Aluna George, Tough Love, Skin and many more.

There are even some major Hollywood A-listers he can't mention contractually. 

London Sound Academy has cultivated a growing community of DJs and Producers and this group is now approaching 600 members. The group actively works together, supporting each other promoting and DJing. It's the closest group of DJs you'll ever come across.