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Knowing Smirk is a Comedy improv and sketch show from the deep dark recesses of Cheltenham.  The show is run by Second City Graduate Frances Morrow Brown who joins a cast of Salome Ash, Sal Drummond, Eddie O’Keeffe, Rob Leonard, Nick Mazonowicz, Oli Ryder and Joy-Amy Wigman.  With a mixture of written sketches and funnies made up on the spot you never quite know what you’re going to get. Although you can be reasonably sure that it will be highly inappropriate and you may go to hell for laughing at it. 

Knowing Smirk has built a solid local following, with audiences looking forward to games such as “Was that a cat?”,” Stop! Hammertime!” and “What the f**k is that?!”

What makes Knowing Smirk unique is our cast.  We aren’t people who have met in a social situation and decided to bring a comedy show to life. We are disparate. We are all different ages from 20s to *coughs* 40s, everyone’s day jobs are very different, we have engineers, a performance poet, a teacher, a counsellor, a woman struggling with large amounts of baby poo…….
We take our comedy from so many different places that there is something in there for everyone to relate to. Some of us write pathos, some film noir, some write sketches about personified vegetables. Plus, because the improv side of the show comes from what the audience gives us, the show is designed around them. So basically it makes them feel special.

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